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feeding the office has never been easier

lunch everyday the Brix way

looking for gourmet catering services every week? rotating weekly menus by Brix allows you to focus on what you do while we handle feeding the team. healthy options, unparalleled variety, and food made from scratch everyday is sure to keep your team happy and focused.


whatever your needs are, we’re here.

have an office that you need to feed on a weekly basis? we’re here to ease the frustrations of finding a different vendor each day! we have a weekly rotating chef’s menu that offers a variety of cuisines, allowing your employees a different dining experience day to day!

reach out to inquire about a trial week!

last minute meeting scheduled and now you’re searching for a catering option? easily choose our weekly rotating chef’s menu and receive 3 proteins, 1 starch, and 1 salad for $14 per person. each menu is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free friendly!