Announcing Corporate Catering from Brix!

Brix is a catering specialist, with years of experience in the restaurant industry, allowing us to bring the experience of a great Chicago restaurant right to your boardroom. We are not your local restaurant trying to make our menu items work for catering, but rather chefs bringing the fresh, delicious food that we put on our own dining room tables straight to your office. Not only do we make it fresh and delicious, but we take time to make sure our food travels to you safe and secure. We do not send a delivery driver like the other Chicago caterers, we send a chef who made your food, knows how to keep it safe and will be able to handle any questions you have upon their arrival.  From Breakfast to a Happy Hour with appetizers at the office after a long day of meetings we have you covered.  

You can view our corporate catering menu here.  We are always happy to put together a custom menu to fit your specific needs.

If you or anyone you know is interested in corporate catering from Brix we greatly appreciate your business or referrals.