Less Roasting, More Hosting! Get Your Pre Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner From Brix Catering

If you are fortunate enough to be able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family, it is likely that you are already looking forward to the big day. On the other hand, if you are the person who is hosting the gathering, what is supposed to be a nice and relaxing day can turn into an extremely stressful experience. While we know you would rather be sitting on the couch, talking to your guests and putting your feet up, you’re likely to be prepping for days on end beforehand and endlessly cooking on Thanksgiving day. The good news? This doesn’t have to be the case. When you purchase a pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner from Brix Catering, you can simply take the day to enjoy your company and be grateful for all that you have. Let’s talk a bit more about the benefits of purchasing a premade Thanksgiving dinner for the holiday this year.

The Downside Of Cooking A Thanksgiving Feast

While you may enjoy cooking in general, having to cook an entire feast for a large group of people is an exhausting process. Not only do you have to cook throughout the entire day, but you also have to prepare for making this meal as early as three weeks ahead of your celebration. There’s the entire process of finding the perfect turkey, clearing out your freezer to make space for all of the must-have thanksgiving foods, planning the menu, and of course, defrosting the turkey. And these are all things that happen before Thanksgiving even arrives. By the time you actually sit down to eat with your friends and family, there is no doubt that you may have to work especially hard not to fall asleep in your mashed potatoes. Let’s skip the exhaustion and instead, get a pre-cooked meal.

What’s Included In Your Brix Thanksgiving Meal?

When you purchase the Traditional Thanksgiving  Day Dinner from Brix Catering, you will get the following:

  • Roasted Turkey
    10-12 pound turkey, brined in apple cider, roasted to perfection & carved for easy serving

  • Savory Herb Stuffing
    Made with apples, celery, carrots & sage infused brioche stuffing

  • Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
    Made with russet potatoes whipped with cream & butter

  • Classic Green Bean Casserole
    Made with blanched green beans, savory mushroom ragu and French fried onions

  • Turkey Gravy
    Rich turkey gravy made from Brix original turkey stock

  • Haydon Family Dinner Rolls
    A third generation Brix family recipe of yeast rolls

  • Cranberry Sauce

If you would like to swap out side dishes or add additional Thanksgiving sides, you can also do this. We also offer:

  • Sweet Potatoes layered with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows (optional)

  • Cornbread Stuffing tossed with onions, celery, thyme & apples

  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts tossed with crispy shallots

  • Butternut Squash roasted and tossed with sage and brown butter

  • Roasted Cauliflower pan roasted cauliflower florets, garlic & Old Bay seasoning

  • Wild Rice Pilaf steamed in Brix original vegetable stock, with pecans & cranberries

Additionally, you cannot forget dessert! Brix Catering will also provide you with the perfect wine and pies to conclude your meal. We make pumpkin pies, apple pies, pecan pies and cherry pies, a variety that provides everyone with a dessert option they will love.

How Does The Process and The Pricing Work?

If you are interested in learning more about our pre-cooked dinner, you will need to place your order for pick-up or delivery by November 16th. Additionally, pricing is as follows:

Family Celebration (serves 8-10 people): $300

Small Gathering (Serves 4 people): $150

Table for Two (serves 2 people) : $75

Additional sides (serves 4 people): $20

Homemade pies (serves 8 people): $25

Wine by the bottle / six pack $15 / $75

Delivery fee (within Chicago) $25

Contact us today for more information on making your holiday stress free with the help of Brix Catering!